Why me? 

Do you ask yourself sometimes… why me? Why is this happening? Why is life not what I expect it to be? 

Start with why… start with yourself…

If you don’t like where you are, ask yourself why? And then go somewhere else! Do something else! Try something new! Change your perspective to find out what is missing and then – adjust your life accordingly. Start with small steps! Make those little baby steps to start your life-long journey! 

Why you? Because you are the expert of your life! You know what you want! What you need and what is good for you! 

Yes! I changed my life.

Why? Because I didn’t like it. So I quit my job. I sold what I possessed. I booked a one way ticket to Auckland. And I didn’t have plans… I just felt that it was the right thing to do! I felt that I needed to travel! I wanted to feel freedom and wanted to get out of the zoo… the zoo in which I lived. The zoo with cages. The zoo with lots of crazy monkeys and a life full of routines and boundaries… do you know what I mean? 

I wasn’t even scared when I started, because I felt: curiosity. In the plane from Hamburg to Dubai, I felt freedom! I heard and followed my inner voice… crazy? Yes. A little bit… ? 

Do you hear your inner voice?

What does it say? Why do you hesitate?

Be the expert of your life and take full responsibility! Decide! And then: do what needs to be done! 

Cheers to the good life! ❤️??

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