Goodbye. And hello. Letting go the old and welcoming the new!

When is the right time to say goodbye? 

That is a difficult question for a lot of people. And yes. I was one of them. Almost two years ago, I took a decision. I wanted to let my old life go. I wanted to leave everything behind that was holding me back! Life had become a prison. I used to call my old work „Alcatraz“ not only because of its location across a big river, but also because I felt like a prisoner of my work life…

My whole life changed when I took this decision! Everyone who knew me till then understood why I was doing it! Only my dad was concerned because he was worried. But nobody close to me asked me why I wanted to quit my job and go abroad. They felt what I was feeling! I needed to go and break free. 

I decided to travel alone. To be on my own and independent. But life is very good to me and despite the fact that i don’t feel lonely when I am at a beautiful beach, i met wonderful people literally – everywhere! Total strangers became companions within seconds! Magic.

When you feel a connection, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re going! The only thing that matters is that in this exact moment, two or more souls are sharing something and experiencing a moment of peace or a beginning of a wonderful friendship.

My year 2016 was full of surprises. I learned to let go the old… And I learned to welcome the new and unexpected! I fell in love with places I’ve never been to before. Countries I always wanted to travel to and cities i was dreaming of! Yes – I did what I wanted! Traveling. The experience was far more than I ever expected because I never could have imagined how much love I would get from total strangers. How much positive energy I would feel and embrace in my life! Why? Because I was like an open book. As I was honest and open to the new, I was able to experience life in a special way. The more I was thankful for that, the better my feeling was and the happier the days were! Meeting soulsisters and awesome travelmates was destined. My travel family – the people i met throughout this journey – will always be in my heart. And I will never forget these wonderful months traveling through New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia, Bali & Jawa, Thailand, Europe and the USA. 

I changed. For the better. I found freedom and happiness. What about you?

Are you aware of yourself and do you have something in your life that is not good for you (anymore)? Are you happy? Satisfied? Do you feel that a change is near? 

I wish that more of us will listen to our inner voices that want to guide us… 

Share your story, your ideas or your feelings with me. I would love to hear from you and get to know you! 

To the good life. To happiness and friendship! ❤️??

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  1. Nice Article! Thank you! Travelling always adds something special to your life!

    1. Thank you very much Magdalena! Traveling is the ultimate way for me to change habits and find inspiration ❤️?? cheers, kati bonkat

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